Umbrella Insurance

Do you need umbrella insurance? She Will Insurance can help you understand the answer to this question.
Umbrella Insurance is a liability coverage for people who are at risk of being involved in a lawsuit. It provides excess liability above your basic policy. Should you face a lawsuit and do not have enough coverage, your home, vehicles, bank accounts, retirement funds, and any other assets will all be at risk. Umbrella insurance can be the protection you need to avoid that type of loss. Here are some of the people who could especially benefit from this type of insurance:

Dog Owners

If your dog bites the neighbor kid, you could face some pretty big charges. You would think big dogs would be most at risk for biting, but small breeds can also cause a lot of damage in a short time.
Your homeowners insurance may not cover all of the expenses, depending on the damage claimed. By having umbrella insurance, you would have extra coverage available to use in a case like this.

Little League Coach, Caretaker, Daycare Provider…

Anytime you are responsible for someone else’s child, you are at risk for being sued. Umbrella insurance is a good choice if you work with children or vulnerable adults.

Owners of Rental Properties

As a landlord, there’s always a possibility of someone becoming injured while on property you own. Along with that risk comes the danger of being sued.

Auto Owners

Umbrella insurance not only covers against bodily injury, but can also protect you from property damage that you cause. Any time you are at fault for hurting someone else or damaging their property, you face the danger of lawsuit. Anyone who drives a vehicle automatically puts themselves at risk for this possibility.
As you can see, umbrella insurance could be of use to anyone with assets to lose. You would do well to look into why umbrella insurance would be a good choice for you. Contact us or give us a call to talk to an agent today.