Renters Insurance

Have you considered that as a renter, you should purchase your own insurance policy? Often people don’t realize that the homeowners insurance their landlords have will not protect the renter from personal losses, but only the actual structure being rented. If you are renting an apartment or house, renters insurance is a wise choice. Here are some of the ways renters insurance can protect you from damage:

Personal Property

If your home or apartment suffers damage due to vandalism, fallen tree branches, water damage from leaking pipes, or numerous other reasons, how do you plan to replace your belongings? With renters insurance your clothing, electronics, furniture, appliances, computers, jewelry, and other personal possessions can be replaced, up to a certain amount. You have the option to purchase additional coverage for any exceptionally valuable belongings. Keep in mind that floods and earthquakes are not included in the basic coverage.


You will be covered in case someone becomes injured while visiting your home. If you are sued, your renters insurance will protect you from whatever legal expenses add up, as much as your policy covers. This extends to injuries your pet may cause to someone, making this coverage especially valuable for dog owners.

Loss of Use

If you become temporarily homeless while your rental is being repaired due to a covered loss, your insurance will pay for a motel stay. It may even cover your restaurant meals during your displacement.
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