Motorcycle Insurance

If you live in Texas and own a motorcycle, you will need insurance in order to cruise the roads. Having insurance protects you and those around you from having to pay for damages caused by accidents or other mishaps. Here are some of the types of coverage available to you as a cyclist in Texas:


This is the type of insurance that is required by law in Texas for motorcycle owners. Having liability coverage will protect the other guy involved in an accident that is your fault. This coverage pays for bodily injury or property damage that you have caused, up to the limits of your policy. It will also cover legal expenses brought on by any lawsuits due to damage you may have caused, up to the limits of your policy.


If you purchase comprehensive insurance, you will be covered for damage caused by something other than an accident. Theft, a fallen tree, vandalism, and hail damage are some of the things comprehensive insurance will cover. You may be able to customize your policy to cover the threats you are most concerned about. Your premiums will be affected by the deductible you choose, so be sure to discuss your needs with your agent.
Keep in mind, there are many things that will affect your rates. The type of bike you own will make a big difference. A speedy, sport bike will come with higher rates than a laid back cruiser. The age of the motorcycle will be another factor on your rates, since an older bike with less value and a smaller engine will not be as spendy to insure as an expensive, new bike. One thing you can do to lower your rates would be to take a motorcycle safety course. That, and driving safely to keep your record clean, prove your responsibility on the roads.
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