Contractor Insurance

How many times have you been asked by potential customers if you are covered by insurance? Contractors insurance is what you need if you are a carpenter, plumber, landscaper, handyman, painter, or some other type of independent tradesman. Your customers count on hiring someone who is responsible for covering the cost of any damage that might occur. Having the right insurance will get you the jobs you need.
Without the right coverage, you could lose your business after one simple incident. There are many risks out there, from theft or fire to a lawsuit. Without insurance, you would need to pay out of pocket, possibly losing all you have worked for.
Here are several types of coverages available to contractors:

General Liability

With this coverage, you will be protected from damage done to someone else or their property. They will be given the check so you won’t need to pay for medical care due to injuries caused, or repair costs due to property damage you are at fault for, up to what your policy covers. Liability insurance also pays for legal costs in case you are sued.
This is the type of insurance that your customers are concerned about, and may require you to have before signing a contract.


Most general liability coverage does not include pollutants. If you work with chemicals or other types of pollutants, be sure to ask our agents about this coverage.


If your type of business involves driving, you will want to include auto insurance in your plan.


Property insurance will protect you against theft, fire, vandalism, and other unfortunate events that could put a big set back in your business. This is especially important if you have expensive tools or equipment.
At She Will Insurance, we understand all the variables of independent tradesmen and the businesses they represent. Give us a call, and we will gladly go over the coverages available to protect your specific needs.