Commercial Liability Insurance

If you own a business, this is one type of coverage you will want to consider. Many small companies purchase a Business Owners Policy, or BOP, which includes a general liability and property insurance. This works well for a business at low risk for liability issues. Each business has its own level of perceived risks. Consider the difference between a second hand bookstore and a construction company. They both face the possibility of lawsuits, though one has a much higher risk than the other. Regardless of what level of risk your company is at, one simple mistake or accident could wipe out your small business without the right coverage.
Here are some of the ways Commercial Liability Insurance can protect your business:

Property Coverage

With commercial liability insurance, you will be covered for any damage your company’s owner or employees may cause to property you are renting, or non-employees’ personal property.
For example, if one of your employees accidentally knocks a customer’s cellphone to the floor and breaks it, this coverage will pay for a replacement.
It covers legal expenses as well as compensatory damages.

Bodily Injury

Should any non-employee injuries take place on your property, commercial liability will cover immediate medical bills. If someone sues your business because of an injury they had on your property, this will also cover legal fees.

Product Liability

If your company is producing a product that consumers purchase, there’s always a chance someone could sue you if your product causes harm to them. With commercial liability coverage, you will be protected from the costs of lawsuits related to your products.
If you want to learn about more ways this type of coverage could be right for your business, give She Will Insurance a call. We will be glad to explain how it covers libel, slander, copyright issues and more. She Will Insurance has the coverage you need!