What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

You know that as a driver, it is mandatory to have insurance for your vehicle. The insurance you are required to have is actually there to protect other people, ensuring that you will be able to pay for any property or physical damage you may cause while driving. What you might not realize is that the state required liability insurance does not help you out with many common threats to your own vehicle. So what do you need to keep your car protected from the non-collision perils that loom over the horizon? She Will Insurance offers comprehensive coverage to help safeguard your vehicle. Let’s take a look at how comprehensive auto insurance can protect your vehicle from those looming threats.
Harry ran out of his back door, dashing through the rainstorm to his pick-up truck. As he jumped into the cab, slamming the door behind him, he noticed his passenger side window was gone, and a tree limb shared his cab with him. Unfortunately, Harry only had the minimum coverage required by state law, which was liability insurance. He had to pay for the storm’s damage out of pocket, and his local body shop received a big chunk of Harry’s next paycheck.
Non-collision threats that are covered by comprehensive auto insurance include common occurrences such as theft, animal damage, fire, fallen objects, vandalism, and natural disasters. As you can see, these risks are highly likely and make up a high percentage of auto insurance claims.
If you want to make sure your vehicle and your pocketbook are protected from the daily dangers that face you, give She Will Insurance a call today. You will find friendly, informative agents ready to assist you, customizing the perfect policy for your needs.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance – Is it right for your company?

Are you trying to decide if adding commercial umbrella insurance to your current policy is right for your company? It’s definitely a good thing for many businesses, but may not be the right fit for everyone.
Does your business often have customers on the premises? Do your employees do a lot of driving for your company? Is heavy equipment involved during your regular day’s work? Is your business open to the public? These are all risks that would be well served by having umbrella insurance to cover above and beyond certain liability coverages.
Vern dealt with lots of deliveries every week at his small-town hardware store. He had a forklift for unloading the semi-trailers that made frequent stops behind his store. There were also many customers that walked in and out of the store all day long. Vern’s insurance agent recommended adding commercial umbrella insurance to his current policy, just to be safe. That proved to be sound advice. Less than a month after adding the umbrella insurance, one of Vern’s customers tripped over a ladder being used for stocking shelves and fell into a display of garden tools. The customer received a deep cut in her hand, requiring several surgeries and causing permanent nerve damage. To make matters even worse, the woman was an airline mechanic, and the nerve damage caused her to lose a good job. It wasn’t long before Vern faced a very big lawsuit that would never have been covered by his previous insurance policy. Thankfully his commercial umbrella coverage picked up where his general liability insurance left off.
You can see how quickly a lawsuit can extend beyond general liability coverage. Keep in mind, though, that commercial umbrella insurance only supplements certain policies. It will not help in cases involving professional liability, for example.

Give She Will Insurance a call today to see if commercial umbrella insurance is something you need for your business. We can go over the coverages it will supplement for you, and help you customize your business policy.

Renters Insurance – Proof of its Value

You rent an apartment and assume that your landlord has got you covered insurance wise, right? Not really. Here are some stories to show how renters insurance is a smart choice for any renter:
Susan had been living in her apartment complex for seven months. She had her car insured, a life insurance policy, and figured she was set. One Monday evening after a rough day at work, she was met by an irate downstairs neighbor. It turns out, Susan had left her bathroom faucet running that morning. It quickly overflowed, causing damage to her flooring, the downstairs neighbor’s ceiling, and his collection of leather-bound field guides. Unfortunately, Susan found out the hard way that she had to compensate for the damage she had caused due to her own negligence.
Hank began renting his aunt’s small corner house as soon as he graduated from high-school. His aunt made sure that Hank researched the best options for renters insurance and bought a policy before he moved in. Five years later, Hank was tying on running shoes when his dog snuck out the screen door, attacking a leashed dog and its owner as they walked past on the sidewalk. Thankfully Hank’s renters insurance covered the lawsuit that was brought against him, or he never would have been able to afford the legal fees.
Francine moved into a small rental home by the gulf. Thankfully she got a renters insurance policy before some strong winds knocked a tree right into her living room. Her insurance paid for a motel room during the house’s renovations, while the landlord’s insurance paid for the damage done to the house itself. Francine was also able to collect on the damages to her personal items.
As you can see, these three stories could very easily happen to anyone. Your landlord’s insurance typically covers the building itself. You are responsible for your personal belongings, your pets, and your own negligence.

These are only a few of the common uses renters have for their own insurance policy. Give She Will Insurance Agency a call today to find out how this kind of policy will benefit you as a renter.

Homeowners Insurance Basics

If you are a new homeowner or are considering the step-up from renting to owning a home, you will want to understand the basics of homeowners insurance. Getting the facts down ahead of time will help as you decide what type of coverage is the best fit for you and your home. She Will Insurance is here for you with friendly agents who can go over the details of how to set up a policy. Here is a rundown of the five general types of coverage you will find available in a homeowners policy:

Dwelling Coverage

With this coverage, your actual house and attached structures, such as a garage and patio, will be protected from a wide variety of perils. Fire, smoke, vandalism, damage by vehicle, the weight of snow/ice, and lightning damage are all covered. Earthquakes and flooding are not usually included, so you will need to check into adding additional coverage if these are a big concern in your area. Mold issues and general wear and tear are also excluded from your coverage. As Texans, you will want to check with your agent to see if hail, wildfire, hurricanes, and tornadoes are covered under your policy.
Wiring and plumbing, heating and cooling issues may also be included in your dwelling coverage.

Other Property

This will take care of the rest of the structures that you own, which are not attached to your house. It goes beyond actual buildings, covering even fences, retaining walls, in-ground swimming pools, and gazebos.

Personal Property

If your home is broken into while you are away, this coverage will protect your actual belongings. You will want to decide if you should purchase replacement value or actual cash value for your policy. Actual cash value pays for the price of the items’ original cost, with a deduction for depreciation. Replacement value will repay replacement costs at current prices.
Personal property coverage often extends to property that you own, even if it is not kept at your home. So the things you have stored away in the previous city you moved from should be protected under this coverage.

Personal Liability/Medical Payments Coverage

With liability coverage, you will be protected against a lawsuit should someone become injured while on your property. It will pay for their medical bills and loss of wages due to their injury. The coverage extends to your pets. For example, you are walking your dog several blocks away when he becomes agitated, biting and injuring someone. Your insurance should cover their medical bills or your legal costs should you be sued.
It also pays when you cause damage to someone else’s property.

Loss of Use

Let’s say you had some extensive damage to your home thanks to a tree falling through your bedroom ceiling. During renovations, this type of coverage pays for your living expenses and food while you are displaced from your home temporarily.

Not all homeowners policies are the same and She Will Insurance is here for you during your purchase of a home, ready to discuss the homeowners insurance coverage that will best fit your needs. Give us a call today!

Auto Insurance, What Affects Your Rates

It’s easy to figure out why it costs more to insure a hot rod than it costs to insure your family’s minivan. After all, most families don’t go racing around proving how cool they are, while the baby and toddler giggle in their carseats. And most hotrods don’t drive cautiously to school every morning to drop off the third grader. You can see why the common uses for the type of vehicles we choose affect our insurance rates.
There are plenty of other factors that you may have never imagined would make a difference. Here are a few ideas that just might help you to lower your own auto insurance rates.

The Car You Buy

Now, I’m not talking about hotrods vs. minivans here. The difference can be in the cost of the vehicle, how likely it is to be stolen, how much it costs to repair, and it’s safety record. You may want to check with your agent before you make the final decision when buying a car.

Multiple Types of Insurance

Often you can save money on your auto insurance if you buy two or more types of coverage from the same company. Ask your agent about multi-policy discounts.

Good Credit Scores

Did you know that research proves that drivers with good credit scores tend to have fewer claims? Often insurers use credit scores to price auto insurance policies. Paying your bills on time and keeping your credit balances as low as possible can make a difference on your rates!

Good Grades

If you face a new driver in the near future, remind them that their grades make a difference on how much their auto insurance will cost. High school and college students with high GPAs tend to pay about 10% less for insurance than people who do not have an A and B average.
Give She Will Insurance Agency a call today to find ways that you can lower your auto insurance rates.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverage

As Texans, whether heading to work or planning a weekend road trip, we have some of the greatest places to ride. If you have a motorcycle, you have the privilege of being able to bike along the over 600 miles of coastal roads, cruise the hill country, or explore the desert land and mountains. Knowing that you have the right coverage for your motorcycle is imperative before you plan your next outing. Here at She Will Insurance Agency, we can help to make sure you have the right coverage for your bike.
Here are some of the ways that the right insurance coverage can give you peace of mind.

Accidents with another vehicle, hit and run, a guardrail…

Collision insurance will cover your motorcycle in a situation where you are involved in an accident, whether it is your fault or not.

Injuries to others due to an accident you cause

Bodily injury coverage will pay for the medical bills should you be at fault for an accident, causing injury to those involved. The amount covered depends on your particular policy.

Theft, vandalism, fallen trees, collision with an animal…

Comprehensive insurance coverage, sometimes known as full coverage, can protect you from many of the unfortunate events that pop up when you least expect them. There may be exceptions to some things for motorcycles, so be sure to go over all the details of your policy with your agent.

An accident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist

Uninsured/Underinsured coverage is helpful in case someone else causes an accident while they are driving without insurance, or if they don’t have limits high enough to pay for the damages caused.
Rates will vary depending on your circumstances. Some examples would be, the type of motorcycle you own, your age and driving record, where you plan to store your bike, the deductible you plan to have, and how many miles you typically put on your motorcycle every year.
Give us a call to discuss the coverage options available, as well as how to get the best rates. We want you to enjoy your motorcycle without having to worry about the “what-ifs”.