What is Comprehensive Auto Insurance?

You know that as a driver, it is mandatory to have insurance for your vehicle. The insurance you are required to have is actually there to protect other people, ensuring that you will be able to pay for any property or physical damage you may cause while driving. What you might not realize is that the state required liability insurance does not help you out with many common threats to your own vehicle. So what do you need to keep your car protected from the non-collision perils that loom over the horizon? She Will Insurance offers comprehensive coverage to help safeguard your vehicle. Let’s take a look at how comprehensive auto insurance can protect your vehicle from those looming threats.
Harry ran out of his back door, dashing through the rainstorm to his pick-up truck. As he jumped into the cab, slamming the door behind him, he noticed his passenger side window was gone, and a tree limb shared his cab with him. Unfortunately, Harry only had the minimum coverage required by state law, which was liability insurance. He had to pay for the storm’s damage out of pocket, and his local body shop received a big chunk of Harry’s next paycheck.
Non-collision threats that are covered by comprehensive auto insurance include common occurrences such as theft, animal damage, fire, fallen objects, vandalism, and natural disasters. As you can see, these risks are highly likely and make up a high percentage of auto insurance claims.
If you want to make sure your vehicle and your pocketbook are protected from the daily dangers that face you, give She Will Insurance a call today. You will find friendly, informative agents ready to assist you, customizing the perfect policy for your needs.