Auto Insurance, What Affects Your Rates

It’s easy to figure out why it costs more to insure a hot rod than it costs to insure your family’s minivan. After all, most families don’t go racing around proving how cool they are, while the baby and toddler giggle in their carseats. And most hotrods don’t drive cautiously to school every morning to drop off the third grader. You can see why the common uses for the type of vehicles we choose affect our insurance rates.
There are plenty of other factors that you may have never imagined would make a difference. Here are a few ideas that just might help you to lower your own auto insurance rates.

The Car You Buy

Now, I’m not talking about hotrods vs. minivans here. The difference can be in the cost of the vehicle, how likely it is to be stolen, how much it costs to repair, and it’s safety record. You may want to check with your agent before you make the final decision when buying a car.

Multiple Types of Insurance

Often you can save money on your auto insurance if you buy two or more types of coverage from the same company. Ask your agent about multi-policy discounts.

Good Credit Scores

Did you know that research proves that drivers with good credit scores tend to have fewer claims? Often insurers use credit scores to price auto insurance policies. Paying your bills on time and keeping your credit balances as low as possible can make a difference on your rates!

Good Grades

If you face a new driver in the near future, remind them that their grades make a difference on how much their auto insurance will cost. High school and college students with high GPAs tend to pay about 10% less for insurance than people who do not have an A and B average.
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